Victor Wu

Product Designer
I design socially engaging experiences.

The Future of Human Connection

A majority of our in-person communication is unconscious. Unconscious communication is the subtle, unintentional, unconscious cues that provide information to another individual. The more attuned we are to unconscious communcation, the more empathy we can have with others. The benefits of empathy are endless. We can learn, understand, and grow from each other. We can build teams, run organizations together, fundraise capital to run startups, or start movements to make the world a better place.

My focus is on technologies that help with this movement: to bring the world closer together. The goal is to help people be more attuned to the unconscious, be more connected to those around them, become conscious to the world and discover how they can make a positive impact.

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Randori AR Climbing

Interaction Designer who managed social media channels to understand the community views, performed market research interviews, user interviews, and usability analysis to improve the product experience. Randori is an augmented reality software that uses a computer, webcam and projector to turn any surface into a social and interactive climbing game.

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Learning Threads

UI/UX Front-End Developer who created working prototypes, conducted user research, and iterated through a scrum process. Learning Threads is a web application that provides everyone with the ability to curate, share their favorite learning paths and grow from various topics.

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Facebook Research

Quantitative User Researcher who conducted a research study on Facebook to understand its effects on attentional ability.

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Qualitative User Researcher who conducted contextual analysis and facilitated participatory design for a platform that encourages mentorship to support youth through academic development.

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2 Cents

Quantitative User Researcher who led a team of eight to conduct user research and design a platform for people to easily aggregate content and create online lessons.

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"Product design, experience design, front-end web development, and product management get my hands sweating."

UX Methods product market fit analysis, usability testing, contextual inquiry, market research, field study, participatory design, quantitative analysis, surveys, competitive analysis, cognitive load, illustrator, sketch, axure

Development HTML5, Aframe, CSS3 (incl. less & sass), Javascript, AngularJS, Unity, Wordpress, PostgreSQL

Process understand problem, define use cases, create personas, design wireframes, develop prototype, conduct usability tests, ..

Fun Fact: I am a grapheme - color synesthete.

My fascination with human connection stems from living through interesting social situations and spending most of time in online social communities during my childhood.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain and consciousness get my heart pumping. Product design, experience design, front-end web development, and product management get my hands sweating. Climbing gets my heart pumping and my hands sweating.


Victor Wu

Product Designer

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